Commercial Real Estate Marketing in a Digital World

Commercial Real Estate Marketing in a Digital World

Commercial Real Estate agents have loads of knowledge about the ROI on any particular property and can provide an in depth analysis as to why, but the question that they are always asking themselves is,” how do I make my knowledge known to my potential clients?”  Every agent knows that their largest source of leads is through referrals, but many agents fail to recognize that the internet is in itself a giant referral system.

When consumers search for a website on Google, it is in itself a referral.  Google is referring consumers to you because you are the highest authority in a particular area. 

Consumers trust Google to send them to the products and services that are most relevant and beneficial to them.  So if you rank at the top of Google, consumers inherently trust you as if a human being told them to come to you. 

This is what makes search engine optimization so annoyingly important.  Today, Google rewards businesses that create the most engaging content on their websites.  Here are some excellent ways to do that with the most potential spread…

1. Blogging that has Real ROI:

Getting your name out there is as easy as writing about your last deal.  Did you know that you can be a guest writer on blogs such as Multifamily Insiders or LoopNet?  If you want to be established as a go-to for knowledge in Commercial Real Estate, consumers need to see that knowledge demonstrated firsthand.  Think this one through for a second here. 

Which option is easier, calling people up individually and telling them what you know one at a time, or spreading it all over the internet for the world to see?  Even if your website is still developing in SEO, your blog article can rank at the top of the search engine for certain topics and keywords.  Google is now referring consumers to you as the knowledge guru on that subject!

Each blog post you make should become content for your website and emailed to your current list of clients.  Sending out this informational newsletter/blog about your recent successes will keep you in front of your client base and continually reinforce your subject matter expertise.  A phone call would be inappropriate in cases like this. 

But an email with the first couple of paragraphs and a link to the rest of your blog will keep you salient to your clients.

Need help coming up with ideas? Try…

1.       Recent accomplishments.  What made closing your recent deal special?

2.       Connecting Real Estate issues to Local News Stories

3.       “Top ten” such as top ten properties in a sub market

4.       Smart Investing Practices The list goes on…    

2. Answering questions proactively where they are asked online:

LoopNet provides a forum where real estate investors can ask questions about various topics in commercial real estate.  By answering these questions and having a link to your website alongside your comment, not only do you build your SEO, you also help other users who have the same question get answers from that conversation.  This potentially could make them become your next customer.  That question asked on LoopNet is searchable on the internet just like a blog post.  People searching for answers will find your answer and be highly influenced to use your services.

How does helping the Company help me?

It’s true that your income is directly related to the sales that you make.  The bottom line is that if the company is better marketed, you’re better marketed.  Collaborative efforts on the internet visibility are so important to a company and its sales, that Hootsuite has even advocated that there be a salary incentive for it.

What if I am the only agent who is contributing to the company web-page?

That’s even better for you in many ways because each time you write for the company, the internet referrals go to you instead of another broker at the company.  So it’s time to get the rear in gear and start writing!  Make all of your coworkers wish they were as smart as you are!

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