The Largest Companies by Square Feet in Los Angeles?

The Largest Companies by Square Feet in Los Angeles?

10. Target Corporation-773,612

It’s hard to ignore the big Target logo in Los Angeles, and they have the square footage to prove it!  They’re the first in our countdown at no. 10.

09. Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.-781,366

Combined with the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisors is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and it occupies the no. 9 spot in our square footage countdown.

08. Walt Disney Company-887,582

You might be surprised that this didn’t end up on the top of the list.  This is because we did not include the properties in Anaheim, as this is not Los Angeles.  Even so, The Walt Disney Company is so massive, that it was still able to rank #8 for the city of Los Angeles alone.

07. Los Angeles Unified School District-909,584

With such a large population as there is in Los Angeles, you will need a very large school system.  The Los Angeles Unified School District takes the no. 7 spot in square footage.

06. 99 Cent Only Stores- 1,089,968

You’ve probably passed by dozens of these while driving in LA and indeed, it ranks no. 6 in our countdown.

05. Dependable Logistics-1,250,000

There are a ton of imports and exports in and out of Los Angeles daily.  Dependable Logistics is the company you thank that helps you get the things you need.  To store all of the goods and transportation vehicles, they’ve landed themselves the no. 5 spot in our countdown.

04. Macy’s, Inc.-1,546,079

Women like to shop at Macy’s apparently … a lot.  After all, that’s 50% of the population of Los Angeles right there.  With 1,546,079 SF of space it takes the no. 4 spot in our countdown.  

03. The Kroger Company-1,824,840

Kroger is the largest grocery store chain in Los Angeles and it takes no. 3 in our countdown.  This nearly 2 million square feet of real estate isn’t too hard to fathom given the size of the population that resides in Los Angeles.  There are other competitors, but Kroger has them blown out of the water.  

02. Sears Holdings Management Corporation-2,104,161

Few might know the large number of companies that Sears is an umbrella over which includes Sears stores, Kmart, Lands End and more.  Put all of these companies together and it lands them at no. 2 in our countdown.  This place might not always be held by Sears, as it is currently in the process of downsizing throughout California.

01. Public Storage, Inc-2,788,114

And the winner is… Public Storage?  Well I guess that makes sense, since the entire company is essentially one giant real estate property for everybody’s personal property.  That adds up very fast, making this our no. 1 company is Square Footage owned in Los Angeles. 

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