CBI Networking Event - September 2013

Every month, Commercial Brokers International holds a networking event.  The purpose of the networking event is to help real estate and business professionals to branch out and to build relationships.  It’s a lot easier to call somebody you know when you need help with something.  This networking event helps to make those important business connections.

This month’s attendees included:

  • Robert Guglielmi – CPA – Guglielma and Ohira
  • Garrett Golden – Business Development – Wells Fargo
  • Aaron B Bloom – Attorney- Greenberg Glusker
  • Lisa Kirschner – Partners Trust Real Estate
  • Craig Mcilvain – Marketing - Pono Asset Management
  • Joe Killinger – Pono Asset Management
  • Ral Ndubaku – Commercial Agent – Commercial Brokers International
  • Dave Foley – Commercial Agent – Commercial Brokers International
  • George Pino – Commercial Brokers International
  • Wendy Pino – Escrow officer- Peninsula Escrow
  • Justin Javan – Director of Operations – LLC Property Management
  • Mark Fuchs – M & R Americana Insurance

This particular event was at Enzo and Angela, an Italian restaurant located on Wilshire and Barrington in Los Angeles.  The owners are extremely nice and the food is fantastic!  We highly recommend having an evening there!