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Exposition Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan

Earlier this summer, the Exposition Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan was approved by the Los Angeles City Council in a unanimous fashion. The purpose of this plan is to ultimately promote the use of the new Exposition Line by changing the zoning on the properties within a half a mile radius of the transit line, which therefore allow for new development opportunities to sprout in those areas. The plan will directly promote the expansion and growth of new multi-family, mixed used, commercial, and industrial development in the affected areas, which will in turn provide an estimated 4,400 to 6,000 new housing units, and 9,400 to 14,300 new jobs within the affected plan area by 2036. In a LA Dailey News article released in 2017, the Los Angeles County population is projected to grow by 1 million people by the time the extra jobs and housing units are fully completed and underway. In short, the LA City Council is planning ahead to accommodate for the extra population growth, while promoting the usage of the new and upcoming transit lines across the city.