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Christopher Alihemmat brings his expert retail industry knowledge to Commercial Brokers International. His experience as a former franchisee operator and his work with several national QSR brands in the past has helped him better understand the needs of investors and answer any questions they may have as to the strength of a brand or signs of a good business operator to lease out to. Having experienced sale lease backs, lease negotiations, renegotiations and more while being an operator brings another dimension of understanding and experience to better serve the client’s needs.

Chris also has a passion for the investment side of commercial real estate and loves to help anyone achieve consistent sustained growth through strategic investments based on the current market opportunities present.  Selling when cap rates are compressed and purchasing when they expand are key factors in recognizing when to capitalize. Utilizing strategies such as 1031 exchanging a property with equity to a higher cash flow property, with an increased basis, allowing clients  to continue to grow their portfolio and maximize their investments’ return.

Chris went to school at the University of Northridge and graduated with a B.S. in economics. During his time as a franchisee in the Midwest, he was involved with multiple voluntary organizations involved in the local community. Chris made it a fact to give back, by supporting local women and child abuse shelters providing opportunities to help the less fortunate get back on their feet. Chris also advised and raised money for local community programs that helped to curb school bullying in local elementary schools.