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Commercial Brokers International Leads the Direction of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

CBI's unique qualities include being millennial-friendly, community oriented, and having ongoing training, a collaborative environment, and a profit sharing program.

Commercial Brokers International (CBI), a commercial real estate agency based in Los Angeles, is fast becoming an industry leader. The following reasons are the differences that make us stand out from the rest:

1.       Millennial-friendly

CBI keeps track of the latest in technology and start-up trends. We adopt and use the latest technologies in order to evolve with the times and maintain being a leader in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Real estate tools for our agents are available no matter where they are, allowing them to be productive no matter their location. This allows us to adapt to our clients, who are also constantly busy & on the go.

One of CBI’s specialties is creative office space leases. We have experience in dealing with the Silicon Beach community as well as large institutional clients, and know what it takes to ensure that their wants and needs are met.

2.       Community Oriented

CBI believes in giving back to the communities in which we work.  To that end, any agent can donate a portion of their commission to any 501(c)(3) that they believe in, and the company will match their proportionate share of their commission with a like donation.

3.       Collaborative Environment

CBI prides itself on having a team of agents that collaborates, whenever prudent, on deals. Unlike other agencies’ agents, CBI agents will share pertinent information with other agents within the company. We also do not have locks on any doors, since we believe an “unlocked and open door” policy promotes trust and accessibility within the office. 

4.       Continuing Education

Ongoing training distinguishes us from the rest of the agencies, providing rookie and experienced agents alike with an opportunity to learn or revisit topics on commercial real estate, including market changes and industry trends. Classes also enable agents to showcase what they know about CRE to their colleagues.

5.       Equality

All agents are treated equally. This equal treatment extends to the leads the company receives from our marketing to prospective clients. We like to give leads to any agent who is in the office, not just to the top-performing ones.

6.       Profit Sharing

CBI has a unique profit sharing program that allows for vested agents to acquire ownership in investment properties alongside other vested agents. Our profit sharing is not structured as a “golden handcuff” but rather as a way to say thank you to all the agents who have helped to build CBI into the company it is.

7.       We Truly Have Our Client’s Best Interest

Our unique approach of running a CRE brokerage enables our agents to succeed and has proven that our Agents will beat the industry norms, many companies are trying to have their agents work as finders/business development and then turn the client over to a closer in their office. CBI agents handle the process from beginning to the close of the transaction and maintain the contact with their client.  

No person has a more vested interest in closing a transaction, or a better understanding of their client’s needs, than the agent who brought them the deal. Therefore, we believe that in keeping with our Client’s Best Interest that the agent should maintain control throughout the transaction, and this ensures a higher closing percentage.


By approaching commercial brokerage from the standpoints mentioned above, CBI looks to become a leader and trendsetter in the commercial real estate industry, changing the expectations of what clients and agents can expect from a commercial brokerage company.

About Commercial Brokers International

Commercial Brokers International is a group of experienced commercial agents that have a strong background in analysis as well as marketing. We believe that our clients' best interests should always be foremost in all of our undertakings. As such, we are committed to creating and maintaining continuing relationships with our clients by formulating extensive marketing and financial plans with our client's short term and long term goals in mind. For more information, visit


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