Restaurant/Retail Brokerage Services

Invest in restaurant space

Commercial Brokers International will examine multiple factors to determine the ideal property for your portfolio. 

After previewing a series of potential properties based on your criteria, our agents will help you select a property and strongly negotiate the terms of the sale on your behalf based on current market conditions and sales comps.

Lease restaurant space

Throughout LA County, we'll find you the perfect restaurant space for you. Restaurant/Retail Brokerage Services Tenant Rep, Landlord Rep, Asset sales and purchases, escrow facilitation, coordinate with ABC expediter, contacts for architects, contractors, designers.

Valuation services for both asset and commercial property sales. Demographic plans for target searches.  Our agents know the best locations in LA County and take into account neighboring businesses and traffic.

We pride ourselves in quickly finding and closing the best possible deal for you through our close relationships with brokers throughout Los Angeles. 

We also make referrals to secondary service providers such as attorneys, movers, phone installers, and data providers, to assure a smooth transition.

Just Looking for advice?

We'll provide you with the best information around while you’re preparing for your next big move. 

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