Multifamily Investments

When looking to acquire a Multifamily Investment, Commercial Brokers International provides an unparalleled analysis of:

  • the current market conditions
  • potential for rent increases
  • current loans available
  • Any potential value added opportunities.

We will then aggressively negotiate the acquisition on your behalf, and walk you through the entire escrow process, from property inspections, to loan qualification, to closing.

Multifamily Sales 

Sell apartment buildings, complexes, and other multifamily units with CBI. Commercial Brokers International will provide an in depth analysis of the property, taking into consideration:

  • comparable properties
  • current vs. market rate rents
  • current loan rates
  • parking issues
  • development opportunities
  • property management issues.

By doing so, we are able to maximize the price we obtain for you while exposing the property to the widest possible market, including other brokers, investors, and property owners.