Real Estate Syndication

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Joe Killinger


Joe Killinger has spent the last thirty three years in the real estate business, developing, refurbishing, and repositioning properties to positively impact value. Having successfully launched five companies, and managed the sale of over 6,000 assets, including the successful syndication of several commercial investments with average returns between 8-12% Cash-On-Cash, and IRRs between 10-16%.

His entrepreneurial spirit, and well developed expertise in evaluating the potential of a property have a hand in every aspect of our success. Mr. Killinger was born, and raised in Nebraska, where he attended the University of Nebraska. He currently holds a California Real Estate Brokers license.

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George Pino


George Pino began his career in real estate thirty two years ago in the strategic analysis of distressed asset dispositions. Over his career Mr. Pino was personally responsible for the sale, and/or marketing of over 6,000 assets, as well as acquiring redeveloping, and/or re-positioning many of them to increase value.

During his career he has successfully started five companies, and opened numerous offices across the country. Joe, and George have developed an impressive working relationship over the last twenty six years working together as business partners. Mr. Pino earned a B.S. in Business Administration from U.S.C., with a dual emphasis in Marketing/Advertising, and Entrepreneurship.

CBI’s Syndication Investment Division

With nearly 90 years of combined real estate experience the Partners of the firm seek to acquire a well-diversified portfolio of Commercial Real Estate assets with an emphasis in STNL and Retail Investments. 

The assets will be targeted for significant Cash-On-Cash returns for investors by implementing a thoughtful approach to each transaction with long-term goals and appreciation in mind as well.

The company’s goal will be co-aligned with the investors, as up-front fees are very limited and are less than ½ of what is typically charged by syndicators.

The Company’s return is directly affected by performance, with the investors having a preferred return and fair water-fall returns based upon property specific performance targets.

  1. CBI is identifying appropriate properties targeted for acquisition, specifically through a syndication vehicle

  2. The investors / limited partners would provide between 90-95% of the initial investment requirement.

  3. Investors can invest and receive all the benefits of real estate, with investment amounts substantially lower than what they would typically need on their own and at the same time diversifying their risk with other investors.

  4. The anticipated hold time of the investment will be between 5-7 years

  5. Properties to be targeted will offer a combination of lower risk asset preservation vehicles and possible upside potential in rental rates.

Typical Property Investment Parameters

  1. Each investment will be fully vetted by the principals, and a detailed business plan will be provided to investors to illustrate the identifiable value proposition of the opportunity. The business plan will include a sale comparable analysis, discounted cash-flow analysis, rent comparable analysis, a detailed renovation plan (if necessary) with associated cost analysis, and projected returns for the investment.

  2. Single Tenant Net Lease (“STNL”) properties and/or retail strip centers with emphasis on immediate positive cash flow

  3. Acquisition price between $1.5 million, and $6 million. This price range reflects the greatest STNL and Retail Strip Center property availability in the nation

  4. Long Term in place leases, and/or proven notable operators at locations by target tenant type; Retail Strip Centers with strong historical rental history, that also have potential for re-positioning and rent growth will also be targeted for acquisition

  5. Cash to be invested per property to range between $500,000-$3,000,000

  6. Targeted Cash-On-Cash returns between 5.0-7.5%

  7. Targeted Internal Rates of Returns between 7.0-10.0%

  8. Accredited investors only

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Bill Brown (Investor/


Bill is a seasoned, performance focused and results oriented executive offering extensive management experience in commercial real estate lending, banking and analysis. Over the last thirty years in the commercial real estate banking industry Bill has proven himself to be a strategic leader with a proven record of success in overseeing several business units.

He is adept at fostering and maintaining positive relationships with key stakeholders including real estate developers, attorneys, regulators, bank loan committees and boards of directors. Bill also has extensive experience in real estate loan administration and portfolio management for multiple Southern California financial institutions. Bill graduated with honors from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California, where he continues to make his home.