Founded in 2006, Commercial Brokers International is a commercial real estate agency headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.


Commercial Brokers International is a group of experienced commercial agents that have a strong background in analysis as well as marketing. We believe that our clients' best interests should always be foremost in all of our undertakings. 

As such, we are committed to creating and maintaining continuing relationships with our clients by formulating extensive marketing and financial plans with our client's short term and long term goals in mind.


We work with...

We work with small, medium, and large sized businesses to help them either get started or expand into new territories. Start your next chapter now.

If you have a portfolio of properties you're thinking of selling, or if you have a single asset, we'll connect you with the right potential buyers.

Lessors & Lessees
If you are in need of a place to open your business or looking to expand,  then our local area knowledge is unsurpassed and we will find you the ideal location for your business.

A truly full-service agency.




Commercial Brokers International provides prospective buyers & owners of...

  • Multi-Family
  • Retail
  • Land
  • Office
  • Industrial properties
  • Hospitality

the ability to acquire or dispose of assets with unparalleled service and expertise. CBI will assess your goals and experience in what you would like to accomplish with your investment, looking at both the short-term and long-term expectations and goals, and locate the appropriate property investment for you. With our knowledge and experience we will achieve the best possible return on your investments.




Commercial Brokers International provides their clients with the option to receive the professional expertise and guidance from LLC Property Management (an affiliate company) to ensure their clients generate maximum returns on their investments. When taking over the property management of a building, LLC Property Management will have a property manager...

  • assess all aspects of the property management
  • create a plan tailored to each client's specific needs
  • maximize returns by increasing property efficiency and maintenance.




The founding principles of CBI believe that all aspects of their business should have some Social Responsibility. To that end, employees of Commercial Brokers International are encouraged and allowed to annually take a paid day off to volunteer at any local charity. Additionally, should any agent care to donate a percentage of their commission to any 501-C3 charity, the company will also donate their matching portion of the commission to the charity of the agent’s choice.

Educational charities have always been a personal favorite of the founding partners and to that end they have established Education Advantage Foundation, a 501-C3 that promotes after school tutoring, mentoring and life enrichment activities of under privileged children that live in apartment communities. They donate the office space as well as most office supplies/equipment to the foundation.


Socially Responsible


CBI’s philosophies are very active in the Socially Responsible Investment field, and have created Learning Links Centers, a Socially Responsible Real Estate Investment Firm. For additional information please visit the website.