How Can Cities Address the Affordable Housing Crisis

A few weeks ago I wrote about the prospect of the repeal of Costa-Hawkins act in California.  This measure is being pushed by tenant rights groups claiming it will help with affordable housing.  Although I do believe there is an affordable housing crisis, I do believe that the repeal of Costa-Hawkins  would only be a short term relief and significantly hurt affordable housing in the long term.  So what can cities do to address the affordable housing crisis?

Can We Agree to Ditch the Term “Creative Workspace”?

Everyone seems to agree that “creative office” has become an over-used term, and that the trend has extended beyond creative companies. In fact, almost every industry today is considering some form of this new style of office space. But, if “creative office” is the wrong term, what is the right one? Many companies have adopted alternative phrasing, like open office plans or modern workplace strategy. While everyone’s office space is different and bespoke to the company, these office spaces share several commonalities, from a focus on design to ample communal space to flexible desks or work areas. Essentially, they are human workspaces.

This Is When You’re Ready to Invest In Real Estate

The adage of "invest in real estate because they're not making it anymore" has enticed more than a few people to buy property. There is money to be made in this alternative asset – and for the unwary, money to be lost.

That's because real estate isn't just an investment; it's a commitment, too. "If you're going to take on the responsibility of an investment property, you have to be prepared," says Nancy Doyle, author of "Manage Your Financial Life."