More Retail for Sale, More Buying Multifamily

As we approach the end of the year, everyone wants to see what the outlook will be for 2014.  In terms of properties that are available for sale, retail is the highest in the general Los Angeles area, closely followed by multifamily properties.

In terms of purchases, substantially more investors seem to be buying multifamily than any other property type.  Retail is next in line to multifamily, but only by half as much.  

Industrial properties shouldn’t be ignored.  The total sales have not been high in frequency, but the cap rate has been significant over the past couple of months, meanwhile the cap rate is relatively similar for the other three property types between 5.7-5.9%.

There is significantly less activity for office properties all around. Less people are selling and buying.  Its cap rate is also the lowest of the four.

Comparing Property Types