CBI Offers Partnership Opportunities to Agents

With the recent acquisition of DTZ by Cushman and Wakefield, many people are asking: what is the future for commercial real estate firms and the agents in them and are there more acquisitions coming. The obvious answer is yes, there will be more consolidations which will allow for cost cutting and leveraging of the company for smaller commission splits to some of the agents. The established agents will be catered to as they have a majority of the business but the midlevel and newer agents will be where the most significant changes will occur.

To Commercial Brokers International, our agents are first and foremost an investment. Like any investment, we look to how we can help that investment grow and how to be as effective as possible. This includes state of the art marketing and technology to create efficiencies, continued education in all aspects of commercial real estate, but also, more importantly, a partnership mentality with each and every one of the agents at our company. To that end we offer: 1) Partnership opportunities to the right agents and 2) A creative profit sharing (through titled ownership of company owned properties) which allows an agent to vest in profit sharing and keep that vesting if they should ever leave the company, as we believe every agent should own an investment property.

Please check out our website: www.cbicommercial.com and if you would like to learn more about the company and our partnership offerings, please contact George Pino at 310-943-8536 or gpino@cbicommercial.com.