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How Will the New Office Sharing Companies Affect the Office Leasing Market?

If you are in the real estate business, you are likely to have heard by now about the new office sharing industry and some of the companies behind it – WeWork, Impact Hub, and many others.

You are also very likely to have noticed how disruptive this new industry has been. In New York for example, more specifically in Manhattan, co-working offices have already taken a third of the total office leases in one month of 2018.

Invest in Real Estate: Your Return on Investment (ROI) – What Does It Include Other Than Cash Flow?

The easy to use metric called ROI or return on investment has been a popular metric for measuring business performance for quite a while now.

It mainly focuses on cash flow, but there are other things involved. This article will explain all of that, and in turn, enable you to have a better understanding of ROI in the real estate business, where its use is usually considered more complicated than with other industries

Will Shared Working Space Disrupt Traditional Office Leasing?

In the now seemingly distant past, all work was about leaving your home and going to your office. Then the digital revolution changed that and gave people the opportunity to work within the comfort of their homes. Even startups that evolve into the leading companies of the world start from the homes of their CEOs.

The startup and freelancer mode of work hasn’t yet managed to dominate the working sphere, and we already have another trend that’s gaining in popularity and influence – the shared working space. Only a decade ago, shared offices were practically unheard of, and now we’re discussing their effect on the very existence of traditional offices.

But how much of an influence does this mode of work have? And more importantly, is it disrupting traditional office leasing?