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What Should a Retail Tenant Check Before Signing a Lease?

Signing a retail lease is final, and once you sign it, there is no going back. That’s precisely why you need to be careful that the contract you’re approving is entirely what it’s supposed to be and what you have agreed.

It’s thus vital to understand the terms, how they impact you, and that the deal you’re getting is the best one you can get. To be sure of all of that, and more, you need to understand the lease. 

With that in mind, we wanted to explain all the vital things you need to check before you sign anything. 

How to Start Marketing Your Commercial Real Estate Property

Listing your commercial property has never been easier thanks to a mix of tried and true techniques and newer innovative technology. However, when you have a new commercial listing for say office or retail space, you might still wonder how, when, and to whom you should market your property to first. Here are some key points to remember when you have a new listing available and you’re looking to market it.

Why Do I Need to Have a Commercial Real Estate Agent Representing Me?

Many business owners, property owners, and investors find the services of real estate agents invaluable. They also say the same for commercial real estate agents, often finding them more important than regular real estate agents as commercial properties are more complicated than residential ones. With that in mind, we thought about adequately explaining what makes having a commercial real estate agent invaluable.

CAM Charges, Can I Negotiate How Much I Pay?

It’s always crucial to know precisely what you’re paying for when it comes to commercial real estate. Since common area maintenance fees or CAM charges are prevalent in commercial leases, it’s vital for you to understand them and to see whether or not you can negotiate them. Additionally, CAM charges work on their own and can increase over time, even if the rent remains the same, which means that they can make your lease less profitable or not affordable after a few years have passed.

How L.A.’s Parcel Tax Will Impact CRE Properties

Commercial Brokers International was recently featured again on Globe St, “the premier online destination for original and timely commercial real estate content.” Team member and rising commercial real estate agent Erica Joy Maniquis contributed to Kelsi’s article on Los Angeles’s Parcel Tax and how it will impact CRE properties in the near future. Read below for the complete article and feel free to get in contact with us for questions, off market listings, or just to say hi.