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Silicon Beach Continues Its Culver City Reach

There are several reasons why we will continue to see more technology based companies in Culver City; from proximity to Santa Monica, Venice and Downtown Los Angeles, to its growth potential and the city’s initiatives to make it more welcoming.

The extension of the Expo Line has already shown its impact on downtown Culver City.  It has made the transit from Downtown to Culver City then to Santa Monica, a daily possibility.  The tech hubs of Santa Monica and Venice can connect with Culver City and Downtown LA which is vital to Silicon Beach’s growth. It allows for these communities to easily communicate and commute to each other.  This type of collaborative approach to work is what allowed for growth in Northern California Silicon Valley.

Experiential Retail’s Growth In Today’s Market

Locally based Paul Davidovac, an agent in capital markets at Commercial Brokers International, says that hands on experiences, and interactive communities are becoming more and more necessary for retail stores, malls, experiential complexes, and shopping regions to thrive in today’s market. According to Davidovac, e-Commerce companies have gained significant market share in today’s retail market place.