Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur with Commercial Brokers International

Being an entrepreneur has become a trend, it seems like everybody wants to become one these days. Aspirants might become motivated by watching television, such as Shark Tank, How I Made My Millions and The Profit. Others might be spurred by watching a friend or family member achieve success by being their own boss. Entrepreneurship is usually associated with the technology, creative or business fields. However, there are other industries that are less commonly associated with the term, for example, the industry in which we are involved: real estate. Agents were perhaps one of the first modern-day entrepreneurs, predating tech startup founders.

Real estate agents & brokers share many characteristics with many of these other entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of them:

1.     Willing to Work Without Security of a Stable Paycheck

2.     Be Relentless in their Follow Up

3.     Plan Everything

4.     Use the Latest Technologies

5.     Be Passionate

6.     Be Diligent

7.     Be Creative

Become a real estate entrepreneur with CBI and begin creating your wealth and real estate portfolio – here’s how:

1.     Commercial Brokers International offers strong commission splits that do not reset every year.

2.     The ownership receives leads they give to the agents.

3.     We pride ourselves in having an entrepreneurial spirit and attitude.

4.     We have a profit sharing plan that offers you the opportunity to be involved with the ownership of assets we purchase and you can invest additional sums to have a higher stake.

5.     We keep agent overhead low so your focus can be on making money.

6.     The ownership will look at co-investment deals that you feel would be a good investment.

If you are interested in learning more about Commercial Brokers International, visit our website, view our career opportunities & apply today!

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