Marketing Commercial Real Estate: 7 Tips

Marketing Commercial Real Estate: 7 Tips

By Morey Spellman

Becoming a successful commercial real estate agent isn’t an overnight feat. It requires hard work, motivation, and persistence. If you want to succeed in this competitive industry you’re going to want to take every advantage you can to get yourself in front of your clients and ahead of your competition.

It’s important to keep yourself in your client’s thoughts when they’re need of a new lease or want to sell their existing business, just to name a few examples. With that said, there are a number of different marketing strategies you can implement to get ahead.

1. Print Marketing

Print marketing such as flyers, brochures, and leave-behinds can act as a great reminder to potential clients about your business and the current listings you have. When you go door-to-door make sure to leave your contact information on a card or small flyer in order to ensure familiarity and have something they can remember you by.

2. Window Signage

 Your business should allow you to enhance your presence through the use of window signs on your listings, preferably with your contact information or the contact information of your company (much like the flyers you’ve made). Putting these signs in high traffic areas on desirable listings will automatically increase your business potential.

3. Events for Agents

A large part of commercial real estate is who you know. Make sure to attend broker events, networking events, and events that are outside of your normal wheelhouse so that you can meet individuals in different industries (food, retail, ecommerce, financial, medical etc..) and become the go to guy or gal for real estate if the need ever arises.

4. Outreach Marketing

Much like events, reaching out to successful agents, leaders, and bloggers in your industry can be a great way to share your ideas and reach new audiences. At Commercial Brokers International, we regularly feature our agents on industry websites such as GlobeSt., The Real Deal, and News Funnel among others. For an example of our latest professional collaboration, view our guest spot on a radio talk show with Multifamily Matters on one of our recent blogs.

5. Social Media

Especially in 2019, social media can be a great extension to your commercial real estate game. Utilize Linkedin to connect with other brokers, investors, and property owners. If you can afford it, LinkedIn Premium can help you to utilize features not found in the normal service. Show your friends and family on Instagram that you’ve transitioned in your new career and they’ll (hopefully) think of you next time they need office or retail space. Although social media is still in its infancy when it comes to really being utilized in commercial real estate, it’s use will only become more substantial as both the Millennial and Gen Z demographics enter the workforce.

6. CoStar, LoopNet, and Other Research Based Tools

One of the aspects that we pride ourselves on at Commercial Brokers International is free access to CoStar for all of our agents. Sites like CoStar and its affiliate LoopNet give our agents the edge that they need to research properties, view market updates, post their own listings, and directly contact individuals in charge of properties throughout your market area. Don’t underestimate the amount of research and leverage you can get to demonstrate your knowledge of the real estate market when you have useful tools at your disposal.

7. Utilize Email


Not to be understated, email is your essential lifeline to not only keep in touch with your clients but quickly connect with others in your respective outlets. Market yourself and find new avenues to expand your business. Email blasts that are based on geographic area, different gendered demographics, and different types of professional connections are useful tools to quickly market to interested parties. Make sure not to saturate your email list and always keep your phone open as an easy line of communication in case one of your contacts does want to reach out and say hi.

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