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Commercial Property During a Downturn?

Benjamin Franklin once said that there are no guarantees in life other than death and taxes but I believe we can also add a downturn in the real estate cycle to that list.

Having been in the real estate business for over three decades I’ve experienced first-hand multiple cycles in the market. During these phases I’ve noticed a trend, people who operate their properties with a strong management team typically forecast the market turning and prepare in advance. 

The market you’re in will have a lot to do with how properties are effected, Los Angeles and a few other major metro areas typically only see a drop in value of a few percentage points while other areas can take a bigger hit.

Business Case Behind Murals On Commercial Buildings

As public art on the side of commercial buildings gains popularity, it is presenting a winning solution for cities, landlords and residents alike by engaging the local community, dressing up what might be an otherwise boring wall and helping to advertise the properties themselves. 

Some property owners have found value in creating art on the walls of commercial buildings even when it does not lead to a direct monetary gain. Sources told Bisnow that buildings become known for the murals themselves, drawing foot traffic and ultimately, customers. They serve as a form of advertisement, with some business owners using murals as a way to work around tight sign ordinances. Contributing to the arts also allows for a sense of place in growing areas, developers say.