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Wayfair to Open its First Brick & Mortar Store

Wayfair, the largest online furniture retailer in the U.S. with $6 billion in annual revenues, is following in the steps of numerous other e-tailers in opening its first brick and mortar store.

The site of the store is in Florence, KY outside of Cincinnati, according to Furniture Today. The 20,000-square-foot outlet store will be given its own space within a 260,000-square-foot distribution center being constructed to handle Wayfair’s growing online business.

The Starbucks View of Retail Real Estate

Howard Schultz reportedly told Starbucks employees that the retail sector was reaching a point where landlords of even prime centers would need to lower rents.

Donna Mitchell | Mar 26, 2018

As retailers continue to make headlines with bankruptcy filings and liquidations, one major tenant is said to be predicting that if the current environment persists, it might permanently reduce its real estate costs.

An In-Depth Interview with One of The Most Successful Present Day Real Estate Entrepreneurs

I am very excited to let you know that we shot a video with Alan Long, Alan launched his residential real estate company DBL Realtors in Los Angeles in the late 90’ and grew to 12 offices before selling the company to Sotheby’s - In our video he talks about the genesis of the idea to launch the company, how the company changed the residential real estate industry in Los Angeles, on through his hard decision to sell his company.

Is Amazon the Start of the Apocalypse?

In the media, over the last 6 months or so, we keep hearing about retail apocalypse. News articles talk about the collapse of the retail industry. How these events are causing the demise of the retail commercial property network.  Although many retailers have been shuttering stores, including many legacy brands, is this a sign of the collapse of the retail market? Or could it be an indication of a shift in the consumer spending trends?