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Invest in Real Estate: Your Return on Investment (ROI) – What Does It Include Other Than Cash Flow?

The easy to use metric called ROI or return on investment has been a popular metric for measuring business performance for quite a while now.

It mainly focuses on cash flow, but there are other things involved. This article will explain all of that, and in turn, enable you to have a better understanding of ROI in the real estate business, where its use is usually considered more complicated than with other industries

What to Know When Reviewing Your Investment Portfolio in 2019

We have all said hello to 2019.  As we enter this New Year it’s a great time to take steps to position our investments, finances, and estate plan to flourish in 2019. Some of those steps will include an overall review of your investment plan to reducing your exposure stocks and shift more into bonds; or updating your will and end-of-life-documents.