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STNL Investments, What to Expect in 2019?

The Single Tenant Triple Net (STNL) market has been on fire the last few years, with a slew of new buyers looking to acquire a STNL. 

Many of these buyers are first time purchasers of commercial property. A basic law of economics states that if there is an increase in demand and stable inventory available then prices must increase. This is exactly what we’ve seen over the last few years as CAP rates have continued to compress.

Strategy for Your Investment Property?

There are many reasons why someone would buy an investment property. Some of these reasons are for long-term capital growth, positive cash flow, or adding value. In this article, we will briefly discuss all three, and how to quickly analyze a property with potential to see if it is worth spending more time and energy on.

What Type of Commercial Real Estate Investment is Right for You?

I often get asked how I first started investing in commercial real estate (“CRE”), and of course the next follow up question: “How do I start investing?”    I think the most important facet to begin investing in CRE is to identify what your goals are.  How much do you want to invest and why do you want to invest, is it to build equity; for cash flow purpose; or are you looking for larger future appreciation?  CRE can provide an avenue of long-lasting income; it can help diversify your portfolio, it can offer tax benefits, and by using properly selected real estate strategies, it can produce the potential for appreciation, in addition to cash flow.

Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Takes Center Stage

Los Angeles has always been known as a global gateway city for commercial real estate in the United States. But the country's second-largest metropolis has taken the back seat to New York City and San Francisco over the last several years. That is starting to change.

Los Angeles surpassed Manhattan, the country's usual leader, in the first half of the year in deal volume, according to a CBRE report. Though volume decreased year over year in the city, it came in at $13 billion.

Additionally, Los Angeles' downtown is flooded with cranes developing upwards of 100 projects in the area. Plus, the Olympics is coming in 2028, with an expected economic impact of $11 billion, and the city now has two NFL teams after a drought lasting more than two decades.

These developments, as well as an unemployment rate hovering around 4.5%, arguably make Los Angeles one of the most exciting cities in the world to watch in terms of commercial real estate.