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Retail Location Advice—What to Consider

Overall there are five main components you should consider for your retail space…it can be a relatively straight forward process.

Location location location…  We’ve all heard the saying before as it pertains to real estate, but what exactly does it mean when you are looking to lease a space for your business?  This varies with what type of business you have as well as what you’re looking for to help ensure the success of your business.

What Type of Commercial Real Estate Investment is Right for You?

I often get asked how I first started investing in commercial real estate (“CRE”), and of course the next follow up question: “How do I start investing?”    I think the most important facet to begin investing in CRE is to identify what your goals are.  How much do you want to invest and why do you want to invest, is it to build equity; for cash flow purpose; or are you looking for larger future appreciation?  CRE can provide an avenue of long-lasting income; it can help diversify your portfolio, it can offer tax benefits, and by using properly selected real estate strategies, it can produce the potential for appreciation, in addition to cash flow.

Questions An Agent Should Be Able To Answer About Their Clients.

With every New Year, many people reflect back on the previous year, what they’ve accomplished, and what they could have done better.   Although important, I believe it is equally as important to look forward. It will help determine what the New Year is bringing, and what will be the best course of action for you to accomplish your goals this year.  After all, the most valuable commodity for any real estate agent is time.

To maximize the effectiveness of an agent’s and your time, one must be able to address and answer specific questions.  Following are some questions every agent should know the answers to, so they can be efficient and increase the odds of success for their clients.