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Is Cost Segregation Analysis Worth It?

It has long been a question that has puzzled many commercial property owners. Many accountants suggest it, but it's worth is still rarely clear.

Many owners barely even understand how it operates and is thus unable to determine its worth. As that’s the case, we’ll thoroughly explain what it is and what’s it for, but more importantly, whether or not it is worth it in the overall picture.

STNL Investments, What to Expect in 2019?

The Single Tenant Triple Net (STNL) market has been on fire the last few years, with a slew of new buyers looking to acquire a STNL. 

Many of these buyers are first time purchasers of commercial property. A basic law of economics states that if there is an increase in demand and stable inventory available then prices must increase. This is exactly what we’ve seen over the last few years as CAP rates have continued to compress.

L.A. Top Choice for Private Equity Capital

Los Angeles has become the top investment destination for institutional capital, bumping New York out of the number one spot, according to new research from CBRE. In 2017, equity funds accounted for the majority of the institutional investment activity, increasing 60% year-over-year to $6.2 billion. Foreign investment activity also accounted for a significant portion of institutional funds, however, the number fell over prior years. We sat down with CBRE’s George Entis, senior research analyst of capital markets and Michael Longo, VP, to talk about the surge of private equity activity in Los Angeles.