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Small Balance Commercial Real Estate Borrowers Find Open Doors

As capital markets have become increasingly crowded, competition to place capital is pushing some lenders to reach down and do smaller balance loans. “The mortgage bankers are really earning their money, because there are a lot of different choices,” says Mark Ventre, a senior vice president at Stepp Commercial, a multifamily investment brokerage firm based in Los Angeles. Lenders across the board are actively financing sub-$5 million loans, including banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, private debt funds, CMBS and even life insurance companies.

What Type of Commercial Real Estate Investment is Right for You?

I often get asked how I first started investing in commercial real estate (“CRE”), and of course the next follow up question: “How do I start investing?”    I think the most important facet to begin investing in CRE is to identify what your goals are.  How much do you want to invest and why do you want to invest, is it to build equity; for cash flow purpose; or are you looking for larger future appreciation?  CRE can provide an avenue of long-lasting income; it can help diversify your portfolio, it can offer tax benefits, and by using properly selected real estate strategies, it can produce the potential for appreciation, in addition to cash flow.