When Should You Start Looking for a New Office Space?

by George Pino

I receive calls like this almost every week…. “Hello, my lease is expiring and I need a new office space” or “Hi, we’re moving our company to Los Angeles and we need new office space.” 

Inevitably, when I inquire about their timing they say they’re in need of a new space in one or two months. Although that time frame is possible it brings difficulties. A big misunderstanding among first-time commercial lessees, as well as many experienced lessees is that a commercial space can be found, negotiated, and leased within a couple of weeks.

Where Are All the Foreign Investors Coming From?

Even though the US is becoming notorious to many foreign investors as a place not worth investing due to the protectionist policy and fears of trade wars, one sector is still seeing many investments pouring in. We are naturally talking about the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. The investments made into CRE are a considerable portion of the overall investments coming to the country.