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An In-Depth Interview with One of The Most Successful Present Day Real Estate Entrepreneurs

I am very excited to let you know that we shot a video with Alan Long, Alan launched his residential real estate company DBL Realtors in Los Angeles in the late 90’ and grew to 12 offices before selling the company to Sotheby’s - In our video he talks about the genesis of the idea to launch the company, how the company changed the residential real estate industry in Los Angeles, on through his hard decision to sell his company.

What International Companies Should Know Before Opening Commercial Retail in the US

We’ve all heard it before… “The American Dream” and “America the Land of Opportunity.” We have heard it so often that it has all but become a cliché; however, it would seem the entire world has heard the saying and in many ways have taken it up as a call to action. Over the last decade, we have seen an unprecedented amount of foreign investment into the United States, not just in dollars, but in companies looking to expand into different markets.  For many foreign companies, the US has become their “emerging market.”